Junk Removal

Our team of junk removal experts goes the extra mile to remove any trash, clutter, or unwanted items taking up space in your home or on your land. From large furniture and household items to electronics, yard debris, junk cars, construction waste, and even clothing, we safely remove and dispose of junk. Our services are a great way to begin spring cleaning, get a house ready for sale, remedy a hoarding or trash situation, or to just get rid of junk taking up space in the home.

Our transparent pricing structure and combined cleaning service means you can dispose of the unwanted contents of your basement, attic, garage, or yard at a sensible cost and have a clean, decluttered space.

Cleaning Services

In addition to removing trash and junk, our team provides standard and specialized cleaning services. While typical trash removal services leave you with the cleanup after they leave, COM Junk Removal & Cleaning Services combines junk removal and cleaning to ensure your space is clean and clutter-free. From light sweeping and dusting after items have been removed to a thorough cleaning to ensure your home is clean and ready for guests or visitors, we provide full-service cleaning.

Contact COM Junk Removal & Cleaning Services for residential cleaning or combined junk removal and cleaning services to save money and achieve a cleaner home. Get a fast quote online or by phone.

About Us

COM Junk Removal & Cleaning Services has combined two of the most in-demand and sought-after residential services to provide our customers with cleaner and less cluttered homes at an affordable price. As the demand for junk removal and cleaning has grown, so has our company. With so many people living busy lives and balancing work, childcare, hobbies, side projects, and keeping up a home, sometimes a little help is needed.

COM Junk Removal & Cleaning Services provides a transparent pricing structure for our services–whether combined or separate. Our fast turnaround time and attention to detail has made us one of the top-rated junk removal and de-cluttering companies in the northern Virginia area. Our crew of professional junk removal experts and cleaners remove your unwanted junk responsibly, while ensuring that your space looks even better than we found it.

We make getting rid of your unwanted items simple, safe, and environmentally sound. Our junk removal team partners with local recycling organizations and charitable organizations to dispose of waste and unwanted goods as responsibly as possible. Any items that can serve another purpose are passed on to our charity partners to find a new home for items or materials in good useable condition. Any recyclable items are directed to the appropriate recycling center, whether made metal, plastic, or other materials. Any toxic or hazardous materials are taken to approved disposal sites, ensuring that none of your unwanted items are harmful to the environment or local community.

When it comes to cleaning your space, whether we have removed unwanted junk or hauled away clutter or not, our team uses environmentally safe cleaning products and tries to accommodate any requests that our customers may have.

If you have a special junk removal or cleaning situation, feel free to reach out to COM Junk Removal & Cleaning Services for a custom quote. We provide services for customers outside of our defined service area with custom rates. Additionally, contact us if you have large items that require special attention for removal or cleaning such as vehicles, large furniture, large or specialized instruments such as pianos, and more! COM will provide a competitive price for our services based on your location and cleaning service needed or the amount of material you have.

Top-Rated Residential Junk Removal and Cleaning Services

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    Contact our team online to schedule your junk removal or cleaning services at an affordable price.

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    We confirm your appointment and let you know when our professional team will be on the way.

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    Our junk removal or cleaning team arrive, confirm your estimate, and get rid of junk and messes.

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    We will contact you after completing the job to confirm that you are happy with the work we did.

Environmental Promise

COM Junk Removal & Cleaning Services is committed to responsibly removing junk and trash from our customers’ homes in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or others. In fact, more than 70% of the junk we haul off is disposed of according to the strictest environmental standards in the U.S.A. By developing partnerships with local waste centers, charities, and recycling centers, every item we remove ends up where it should be.

Unlike many junk removal services, we find a place for used electronics, appliances, and other items that would otherwise fill up a landfill. Useable electronics are wiped clean and sent to charitable organizations or recycling centers, while unusable appliances and devices are recycled according to the most recent governmental and environmental standards.

We are also proud to say that our cleaning products are “green” and safe for the environment and in our customers’ homes. Our environmental promise includes using cleaning products that are non-toxic and effective. We take our customers’ needs into account when choosing cleaning products and are happy to accommodate specific cleaners, brands, or safety standards in your residential space.

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Local Junk Removal & Cleaning Services In Herndon, VA

When it comes to residential junk removal and cleaning, COM Junk Removal & Cleaning Services is the best rated and most trusted service in northern Virginia. All our movers and cleaners are professionally trained prior to working on customer projects or in customer homes, ensuring the best level of service possible.

Our reputation is built upon delivering the best quality service at the best prices, including a commitment to responsible and safe removal and disposal of waste. Whether we are removing yard debris or cleaning out a basement, garage, or attic, our experts efficiently dispose of unwanted items and ensure that they do not cause harm or generate more waste for the local community.

To transform your cluttered space or a messy area of your home, contact COM Junk Removal & Cleaning Services. We provide fast and detailed cleaning and junk removal quotes online and by phone. In stressful or busy times there is no better feeling that a clean and organized space, and COM can make it happen for you.

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